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Day 19/19

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Muscat again.

Last morning here and I am thrilled to have seen a bird that is new to me - I think it's an Indian Roller (but am happy to be corrected).

It was only by luck that I saw him high on a lamp post (with the sun behind him he just looked fluffed up and colourless) but when I walked to the other side the sun highlighted his feathers beautifully.

I think they are normally very sleek looking but it wasn't the warmest of mornings for Muscatis - even the feathered variety!!

Posting this from the comfort of my kitchen at home at 05.45 UK time Friday ........ long journey back - a lot of airport sitting, 8 hours flying and 3+ hours driving - and very tired!!  
Good news is that my bag made it on to the carousel at Heathrow but the bad news is it was almost the last one - I was getting slightly concerned.

FlowerFriday20 Hearts and HMs for last week will be with my journal entry for FlowerFriday27 later today when I have re-awakened my mind, my body and put my camera back together!!!!  
Sorry for the delay but there have been exciting things to see and do, as well as a fair bit of travelling, since last Friday.

A massive THANK YOU for all the wonderful feedback on my arches photo ............ made page one of the populars - woo-hooooo!!
All down to you lovely people.

Back to normal this weekend .......... see ya soon.

~ Anni ~

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