Burn's Night Plus 1

Didn't get around to celebrating Burn's Night yesterday as we still had Doreen with. She's not keen on haggis, so we planned to do it tonight. Even so we had a vegetarian haggis. We didn't read the whole of the Burn's poem to the Haggis but we did say the Selkirk Prayer and toasted the Haggis in the appropriate style. Enjoyed a dram afterwards and in the pudding.

I was going to make Clootie Dumpling but it took too long so in the end we decided on Cranachan instead, only without the whipping cream! That meant we'd had an oaty day - porridge for breakfast, a beetroot burget with porridge for lunch and porridge in the Cranachan for pudding.

There was a good joke on Simon Mayo on Radio 2 yesterday where an English doctor was being shown around a Scottish hospital. In one ward every patient look perfectly well but keep spouting what seemed to be gibberish. The Scottish doctor said it was the Serious Burns ward. Boom boom! Much better spoken than written!

A red letter day, Doreen has gone back home. We were both there all day getting things sorted and now I'm an expert in hanging curtains. Three sets, one quite large, putting back the rails, getting the right number of hooks, scrunching the headers into pencil pleats on the curtains and the valances. Setting up TV and all the cables and a myriad of other little jobs. The leak was on 18th July last year, she's been out of her house since 25th November. Felt like the start of a new era!

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