Filing In

There are days when I post a photograph I like, and days when it is to maintain my unbroken record. Today is one of the latter. I particularly my liked my (much processed) view of Fittie a couple of days ago.

Today I went for a walk with Cosmo, but I did not take any pictures while we were out. The weather was very dismal and overcast. The weather did not seem to upset Cosmo, but it upset me photographically. When Cosmo got home I realised I needed a photograph of something, so this piece of glass I thought might reflect a little of the not very much light around.

On trying to take a picture with my camera I realised I would either have to increase the ISO to unacceptable levels, or use a tripod, which I did not have handy. So a resort to the phone, it seems to be able to capture some sort of photograph in whatever light is available, even though they can be quite grainy.

So not a photograph of which I am proud, but it keeps my unbroken record intact. I did have several pictures of Cosmo, though only one where she was looking at the camera. However I thought she would not have been particularly happy with the portrait, so she will wait for another day.

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