By TreeHugger

Musos in the Mall

Ha! At last the opportunity for a street scene where my subjects are "nailed" to their spot and can't frown at me for snapping them!  
This bunch of very accomplished jazz musicians has been playing in our district for many, many years.  Their jazz is my kind of jazz - smooth, dreamy, mesmerising. One of them (centre), until recently taught music at the grammar school and also plays with our regional symphony orchestra. Here they are on Saturday morning, in 35 degree heat, just filling the air with honeyed sunshine.
My extra shows the keyboard player who is not visible here.  Very casual, with a tea towel over his singletted shoulders to protect his shoulders from the blazing sun.  Very OZ! The spectators in the foreground here are even older than them, but they don't care.  Any excuse to have a jam session. It made my morning.

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