After “upping” my painkillers, I had a reasonable night and for the first time in over two weeks, the pain in my hip and knee didn’t wake me!  

We decided to go out for coffee, as we often do on a Saturday morning, but as our usual place, The Old Bank, is closed for a month for refurbishment, decided to go next door to The Kings Arms, where we were pleased to see Shirley and Tony, two of the usual “Coffee Club” people, so we shared a table with them.

There were several displays of branded goods from many years ago, which prompted us to share memories with each other – Mr. HCB and I particularly remembered his father who loved Camp Coffee and his mother, who always made “proper” custard with Birds Custard Powder.  

I remember that when we had Sunday afternoon tea, which was often tinned peaches with evaporated milk, my mother used to put lots of the peach juice into my dish and then pour evaporated milk over it so that it curdled – I hated it but every Sunday, as regular as clockwork, she did the same thing.  I was always made to eat a slice of bread and butter with my “fruit and evap” as well as drinking a cup of very weak, milky tea – guess that’s why I hate tinned fruit and tea to this day!

We spent a lovely hour with our friends and there’s no doubt we will go back there as there are lots of other wonderful things to blip.  Watch this space!

“For in every adult 
     there dwells the child that was, 
and in every child 
     there lies the adult that will be.” 

John Connolly : The Book of Lost Things

P.S.  Thank you all, once again, for the very kind comments, good wishes and stars left recently, which are all very much appreciated.

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