Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

TGA and the pyromaniacs

I went to an airshow today.  I do love airshows and I have to say the commentary on this one was most excellent with a lot of history about the planes and so on.  This is The Grumman Avenger, the largest single engine plane to come out of WWII.  Here it is flown by Paul Bennett, a local chap that keeps a hanger of planes at this airfield that he rolls out for airshows.  He has a collection of Pitt Specials that he does aerobatics in, a mustang, TT Trojan and so on.  The pyromaniacs had set off some fireworks to simulate battle and it is the shot I liked the best of the some 1400 I took.  Crikey how did that happen?

What was most impressive were the stunt bike riders.  One did a somersault over the Wolf Pitt as it flew between the ramps.  The riders really got up high.  I have put the rider and the stunt in the extras and a few more in flickr here if you are interested.

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