An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The Twilight Zone!

The two strips of light that run along the beam where we took the wall down in the kitchen were a last minute addition to the lighting spec.  A bit of fun we thought, and boy are they proving to be that!  

By day it looks just like a metal edge that runs along each side of the beam (which of course it is) and gives no clue to the delights that unfold when evening falls and the coloured light show begins. 

Showed the lights to Christine today before she headed off but it was still light outside so the full effect is not seen.   It certainly gives me the urge to play this and I think we may have found a place to hang Alan's mirror ball!  Oh if only David would let me!  :D  

The golf course was closed today due to the weather so when Ele and Kenny came up we went to a local cafe for lunch instead.  It was mobbed, which always surprises me on a Sunday.  Afterwards we went to M&S in Perth to buy tea then came home and a little while later, ate tea.  So a day that has revolved around food!  

Apart from eating, Ele and I also had look at the catering (more food!  lol) for out belated birthday /pool opening party in March and think I've decided on a menu.   Also ordered one each of two different styles of chairs of our new dining room table, so now have three random chairs being delivered next week in the hope we like one of them then we can order more.

Now trying to think of a gift to take to a baby shower next Sunday.   Sorry if I sound like an old grump but the concept of baby showers just leaves me cold.  
Apart from essential equipment required for the baby being born, I can't think why any mum-to-be would want to have a load of gifts before the baby is born.   My mum knitted all through my pregnancy but I made her keep everything at her house and the pram was kept at David's mums.  We decorated the baby's room but I wouldn't even let David put the cot up.

Anyway, I am sure I will have a lot of fun once I'm there but I am only buying something for the mum-to-be and a little fun thing for the baby.  I will buy a proper present once he's safely in his mum's arms.

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