Qu'est-ce que je fais ?

By waitingforgodot

Forest Hill

A neighbour and I have been talking about going out for a hike/walk for several weeks, and today we finally did. I suggested Mount Davidson, in the southeast area of the city (its highest point), so we hopped on a train to West Portal and walked up from there.

Upon our descent we had coffee in a café in West Portal before continuing our walk up the hill to the Forest Hill area of town, where we caught the train back.

We have run into each other sporadically in the building, and have never had much of an opportunity to talk at length, so it was nice to get that chance over the course of what turned out to be (I was surprised to discover when we got back) four hours.

Side note: Despite that I had thought about it earlier this week, and despite that I had talked about him during our walk, it had slipped my mind until I got home that today would have been my dad's 96th birthday. He died in 1993 at 72.

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