By Veronica

From the hip

My attempt at today's MonoMonday theme. I am not in the habit of doing this and it's not easy! We investigated Vélez's weekly street market today. There is a covered market, which is extremely underwhelming: a windowless concrete box the size of an average living room, with three stalls in it. The open-air one consists of half a dozen clothes stalls and two fruit and veg ones. We bought onions and courgettes at the first, which had a small selection of evidently home-produced items on offer, weighed using one of those hand-held measures with a hook and weights that you slide along. Amazingly old-fashioned!

All the other customers had queued up at this much larger stall, where they were subjected to a hard sell by the two stallholders. If you said "Nothing" when they asked the inevitable "¿ Qué mas quiere ?", they started making suggestions: a melon? Some avocados? How about these lovely apples? Amid laughter, one woman shrieked in protest as the stallholder thrust a plastic bag into her hands and started shovelling strawberries into it. She ended up conceding, while insisting on selecting exactly which strawberries she wanted. We got away without this treatment, but S bought so much that it was hardly necessary: broad beans, artichokes, a pineapple, apples, lemons ...

Back home I finished making my marmalade: six jars for an expenditure of about 4 euros including the jars. I also made bread, so I know what we'll be having for breakfast tomorrow.

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