Firth of Choppy

It seems like absolutely ages since I last stepped up to the Smartboard in front of a class, but today was the day, and all-in-all it was fairly painless. Like riding a bike it was (on recent experience that means wet and windy) and felt good to get back in the saddle, all helped by having a scarily attentive and unusually enthusiastic group that flew through everything I threw at them. Going to have to up our game with this lot I think.

Took a spin down to The Shore here at lunchtime for a bit of fresh air (30mph fresh) and had a great wee chat and catch up with Riverman. That's always good.

Came home to find Samantha all kitted up in her cycling gear, ready to head into Alloa and her Zumba class. Was well impressed. I'm telling you, this cycling lark, it's like a plague around here just now; everyone's getting caught with it.

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