This week's homework. Hmm, not the most used word in the dictionary. I did suggest he wrote a sentence along the lines of 'my mum has been alive for 46 years and has never used the word forgivably in a sentence' but he thought that would get him in trouble.

He settled for a less combative 'the man was forgivably late' as we were all out of ideas.

On the plus side, he can spell it without any problem, even if he never uses it in a sentence ever again.

What a windy old day! Came past some blown down scaffolding on the way home but luckily it didn't seem to have damaged anything. It sounds like the wind is getting up again for another blustery night.

We have a footie free weekend ahead so are busy thinking about what we could do to occupy ourselves. So far all we have come up with is a trip to the tip - so I am hoping that doesn't prove to be the highlight.

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