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By dianafieldphoto

Naughty Sistine Chapel Selfie...

I told myself I wouldn't post this selfie anywhere but Blip is my own little photo diary so... 

Haha, photos are forbidden inside the chapel which I fully respect.. but so many people were getting in some hidden selfies and I want a photo for myself to look back on in future to help the memories. This was the only one that sort of came out as it was on the GoPro. 

First time in 8 months we were given Rome day off in the contract so I was straight onto the best tour P&O have and saw the following; 

Roman Forum
Trevi Fountain
Vatican Museum
Sistine Chapel
St Peters Basilica
St Peters Square 

It was a very long exhausting day but so good to finally see Rome. I have happily ticked it off the list and don't feel like I need to go again. :)

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