water + flour + oil = experiment time

#2 Daddy
moi Yes
#2 Maman said that I could do an experiment
moi Oh did she+
#2 Yes, can I do it now then+
moi Well, maybe we should wait until she comes back and we can check that she actually said yes, shall we do that?
#2 Ah, erm
moi Hehe

40 minutes later

#2 Daddy
moi Yes
#2 So can I do my experiments?
moi Aye ok
#2 We need water and flour
moi we will do our experiments outside

experiments done, some olive oil added into the exciting mix

#2 Daddy
moi Yes
#2 erm, nothing you would say no
moi ah
#2 Daddy, er
moi what is it?
#2 can I leave the experiment outside until tomorrow morning
moi no


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