Cheesy Grin

We are both feeling a lot better today but have not stretched ourselves.  KG is busily watching the Rugby at the moment - this one not too stressful but I think the England France one will be.

We thought we heard a noise coming from the spare bedroom where the holiday cases are waiting to be put away.  They should have been put away by now but we have just ignored them.   

We were really surprised to be met by this cheesy grin from Larry. clinbing out of a case.  Where could  he have been hiding? Apparently he has just woken up and had found it very cold in the hold and had shut his system down  but now he has slowly thawed out and taking in his new surroundings.    Hmm I think I will have to watch out now!!

KG questioned the fact that he couldn't survive without water especially sea water - I told him not to be so silly  Larry was invincible 

Been a nice day today and we have seen some sunshine for  a change

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