Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

The Frye Salon

Went to the Frye for a "kick butt" musical opera preview for next month’s Katya Kabanova which we have  never seen…. will report later... I do like the new format for these previews..                  

One of the exhibits at this fine free museum was this. 
 “Frye Salon features over one hundred forty paintings from the Frye Art Museum’s Founding collection, recreating the sumptuous viewing experience enjoyed by visitors to the art gallery in Charles and Emma Frye’s Seattle home in the first decades of the twentieth century.  Hung floor to ceiling, the paintings capture the atmosphere of the Fryes’ salon-style exhibitions,.. which showcased the artists of the renowned Munich Secession and then “stars’ of the preceding Artists’ Association, the Munich Künstlergenossenschaft” 
Some of these are “old friends” 

They also do some very cutting edge contemporary exhibits and work with many parts of the community.    I quite like the canine viewer in the back corner.

Wish I had time to figure out one of those frames for this photo. :-)

Edit. extra added another picture of the dog..

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