From my Window

We were all set to go biking, but the final round of golf took precedence.  I photographed this “from a window” shot while we watched the golf from Arizona.  Incredible course, incredible scenery they showed from time to time too. Two golfers had to play an extra four holes to get a winner. 

Consequently, it was after lunch before we took to the cliffs for our walk.
which takes a good hour.  Beautiful, calm and extremely hot, very pleased I took some water.  Another around 30 deg day, I really struggle in that sort of heat.  We aren't used to it.

This evening we have our opening BBQ for our photography club.  For the last three years Doug & I have hosted it here, but now I’m off the committee it is being held elsewhere.  Will be nice to go along and enjoy the evening without all the work that goes into the hosting role.

Day 15 - Last morning in Enniskellen - stone circles and Janus Stones


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