Woke to rain this morning, but cleared some but continued to be cold.

I have been occupied today matting my prints, gosh it really is a time consuming job, naming/labeling then online uploading of the projected entries. Tomorrow I'll buzz into the courier and get the prints on their way.  Job done.

I took this photo from our door - liking the light on the trees, the little structure goes back many years.  It used to be a cricket pavilion for the "older men's" Cricket Club - Harlau Oval was the name of the ground. Posh eh?
Yearly our district held a fun cricket match there, usually a week or two before Christmas, but the cricket club folded many years back, the pavilion is now used as a farm shed and the "oval" is now growing wheat.

After Googling, I did some learning this afternoon, namely selective colours in Nik Silver.  This started off as a black & white.  Since I worked on this one, it has to be my blip.  Really easy, but I don't think I had the right choice of image.  I think a grungy derelict shed/house would be more suitable.


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