From my Window (MM159)

Another garden bird feeder effort today as 
a) I have some free time in daylight
b) I'm still experimenting with a camera set-up.

This is much better than my last effort which was handheld on a day with less available light!

I see this as a fairly convincing demonstration of how much difference a prime lens instead of a super-zoom, a tripod instead of handheld and more light make!  The robins also tend to keep still for more time than the goldfinches we usually get on our feeders. 

Taken with a remote trigger, and the camera on a tripod at 1/400th with auto ISO.   The camera is full frame so the high ISO (3200) makes less difference than it might. Still quite noisy but much better than it could have been.  Colour alternative in the extra.  The lens hood is almost touching the inner pane of the window which should minimise any reflections.

Thanks to Kangazu for hosting Mono Monday

As an aside, I asked about the maximum number of keywords Blipfoto can deal with and had a really quick response from Annie :  255 characters ...   The fab four do a splendid job of keeping Blipfoto going and deserve recognition for their efforts in helping us :-)

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