Searching for Lavender in the Dark

It has been a very very long day!

The boys and I started with a long walk in town. It was still early, so we needed the street lights as it was very dark.

I was at work at 7.30 and at 8 am I drove to Copenhagen along with 6 colleagues for a work course.

We were back at 4.45 pm and I hurried out for another walk with the boys. Again in the dark!

After our walk, each of the boys had some Nose Work searches. 

In Nose Work, the dogs learn to search for a specific odor or odors and find the source. In this case the odor was lavender oil. That is the first odor they will meet if they ever get to go to a competition. 

Nose Work is good brain work for the dogs, which is what they need after a long, boring day.

This is Hero, who has just found the source - the lavender is inside the small, round metal box. 

It was 7 pm, when we came home.

It has been snowing today. Luckily it was more in Copenhagen than here. - but I am glad I put in the extra effort with the boys as they seem happy and content even though they have had too much time to sleep today. 

Night night Blipland
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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