It was snowing hard when i arrived yesterday evening and it was clear when i awoke that it had kept going for most of the night - a good six inches at least.
I had a lazy start, got a couple of jobs done round the apartment and waited for the ploughs to do their work - then I went and found Prince - note to self, park under the trees next time.

With St Gervais in the clouds and Sallanche under them I ran errands; tax d'habitation paid, god-daughter present bought, skis dropped off for edging & waxing, food and wine stocked up, coffee plans made - and best of all - annual guides lift pass bought for less than a tourist week pass.
Driving back i could see the Aiguille du Varan peeking through the cloud, blip done.

In other news; I've now booked a consultation with the ankle specialist in Cornwall. I've never done private before, but life's too short and an ankle seems more important than new ski bindings! Just a shame he's 390miles away.

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