Tiny ...........

 ............. Tuesday89  (TT89)

Not sure if this strictly qualifies but it is a tiny bit of East London as seen from my flight today - taken in colour but seems to be very blue and grey  - of all the photos I took from the plane I kept coming back to this one.

Much more snakey in large .....

This is a slanted view - the plane was banking hard - of the O2 Stadium (I think it's still called that), Canary Wharf, Billingsgate Fish Market, The Isle of Dogs and, at the top of the photo, you can just make out the green area that is Greenwich Park - that houses the National Maritime Museum and also is the site of the Greenwich Meridian ..... which is known around the world for GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) - the US east coast is five hours behind GMT.

I had intended to do a mini ''Where's BikerBear Now'' but I suspect it may have been too easy!!! 

Too tired to write any more - have been up 19 hours, driven 350 miles and taken two flights - to Germany (and back) - in that time.

Snoooooooooooze .....zzzzzzzzz

~ Anni ~

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