A Wide Angle Day for Hobbs

I had far more curvy paths but the light in them was too strong at close to midday and sucked the life out of them. This one at the outer estuary pleased me more. This curved line is pointing straight to the scruffy tree where the spoonbills roost while waiting for the tide to recede enough for them to go fishing. There is another curved path in the extras which probably demonstrates the challenge better but I didn't like it as much..

It was a great morning out. Riwaka7, Miffy and I welcomed Viki to our favourite spots and it was lovely to meet her at last. We had morning tea at the Marina, then wandered with our cameras at the estuary, finishing with lunch at Toad Hall.

We knew Viki had hoped to see spoonbills, but we were only able to show her about half a dozen distantly roosting in the tree. We wandered to all the likely spots they could be but the tide was just too high for them to begin fishing.

It was a nice Blipmeet and I hope we can get together again some time now Viki is living not so far away.

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