A bit faded....

....but you'd be faded too if you were about 100 years old. Saw this old barn while we were out today, & I really liked that you can see, up toward the eves, that at one time it was painted a bright red; most of the color has faded off over the years; it didn't look like it was being used anymore. I love old barns!
We skyped Jennie and our granddaughter yesterday for about an hour, and I kept trying to get her to say "grandma". As usual, she'd laugh and say "no thank you". So this morning my phone rang, and Jennie asked if I was home--I was--she said for me to call her on skype, as my granddaughter had run up to the computer, lifted her arms up to it, looked at Jennie and said "Grandma". It's so sweet, but it breaks my heart not to be there to pick her up "in person". I think I need to make a Houston run sometime soon!   :))

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