Life through the lens...

By ValC


According to Paul Hudson that is what our weather will be tomorrow, and I think it was that today as well.
For those who don't know,  nithering  means,
"  shivering or trembling as with cold".
I couldn't have put it better myself.

Glad it is Abstract Thursday, as I didn't fancy taking any photos outside.
This is a photo of a  street lamp, taken through the condensation of the spare bedroom window, and then tweaked a little to add some colour.

On a brighter note, today Doreen Brigham is 105.
 Happy Birthday Doreen.
You won't have heard of this lady unless you watched Look North tonight.
However in 2010, Doreen, from Harrogate, won a competition and her lyrics were used in the BBC project which saw more than 200 musicians come together to celebrate Yorkshire Day.

When she was interviewed today, she proudly read out her card from the Queen. and then recited the poem she wrote 17 years ago.
What a lovely lady. 
The last verse brought a tear to my eye as she smilingly read it out

" So when I've done my roaming and when my step grows slow;
When heart and mind assure me that the time has come to go,
then let me rest in Yorkshire for it's there I want to lie
'neath sun and wind and heather.......and gleaming Yorkshire sky."

God bless a grand old lady.

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