Craft beads

When our granddaughters were younger and came to visit in the summer, we always had fun doing all kinds of different crafts.  One year, I thought it would be fun to make necklaces, so I got beads and supplies and we gave it a go.  It was fun!   I have plenty of beads and supplies left over, and thought they could work for the weekly theme of Jewellery.  Extra:  I've included the necklace that Kalyn made for her mum for her birthday.  I wish I could remember how old she was - I'm guessing 5 or 6. I don't have time to search through photos now to see.  
More shovelling for me today.  We got just over 3 inches of snow yesterday, then the rain came overnight and it's been raining pretty much all day.  I shovelled heavy slush with an icy layer under it while G cleared the downspouts of ice because the gutters were overflowing.  The second extra shows him coming down the ladder.  I decided to walk down to get the mail, and the road was a slushy, slippery mess.  Walking was harder work than shovelling!  
And...the power went off for a couple of hours overnight and another couple of hours this morning.  And...the desktop wouldn't turn on so I had to start it in recovery mode which took forever and it isn't working properly.  And...there are huge gusts of wind now which might cause more power outages and branches to come down.  Schools were closed here today because of road conditions.  
Very little time for photography today and I'm just glad that I was able to get a photo and post it.  :)

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