Plus ça change...

By SooB

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A slightly slow start after a late finish discussing New York stuff with Mr B. Then we headed off to the theatre at an oddly early time, while Mr B packed for the airport.

The show (the Fantastic Mister Fox, in musical form) was very good. It was clearly a showing mostly laid on for primary school trips, but none the worse for it. CarbBoy commented at the end that they weren't great at audience interaction, at which point I realised that he's only really been to pantomimes (and in this very venue) and so probably expects a different thing from "theatre".

Home through the icy weather for a lazy few hours, then into Chiswick to replace our catastrophically leaking kettle, chase down some Pokemon and collect L from his dance class. Home on the bus entertained by his maths games and a very cute baby, for carbs and eggs for dinner, then an unseemly rush for me to get ready when I realised I was running late!

Girls nights out are always fun, but this one at Ceviche was much enlivened by zingy flavours and the cry of "just bring us all the desserts". Not everyone could be there, sadly, but it was a jolly good night out regardless.

Mr B terrified me with tales of the big NY storm and how his plane had to take on extra fuel... but according to the airline he arrived safely. And I know he took his big scarf so he'll be warm (I know that because I wanted to steal it tonight!)

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