Plus ça change...

By SooB

Working hands

A varied day. Various bits of work did and didn't come back, and I reassured myself that another lawyer hadn't done something dumbass. And re-checked that there is still more to know about GDPR than is known.

Lunch was smoked haddock fishcakes, dinner was ribs and stuff.

In between CarbBoy's coach expressed in the same breath his sympathy for CB and his hope that his head injury would be sufficiently cured by tomorrow for an important match. Hmm.

Meanwhile Mr B is trying to fix his fancy headphones (though I'm not sure why since I have already ordered new ones.). Anyway, the insides seem way more complicated than you might think.

More odd work for Mr B. Then Silence of the Lambs and now Game of Thrones is tricking us into a late night with its cliffhangers...

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