Plus ça change...

By SooB


I wasn't as busy as this bee today, given I had time to stand around looking at plants, but there still seemed to be enough to do.

Some work, inevitably, going directly against doctor's advice to have a few clear days off - next week I'll be good...  Some more terrace pergola thinking with Mr B, and proof from TallGirl that the creature leaving charcoal pawprints up our garden wall above the barbecue is next door's cat - set on eating/terrifying all the birds in our garden (steps have been taken, products ordered).

CarbBoy had a basketball match this afternoon which they comfortably won and CarbBoy won much praise from his coach for getting stuck in (I think that's a fair translation).  He, meanwhile, is determined to improve his shooting - so I think hours outside with the hoop beckon.  However, that will be for another week as this evening he started coughing, and sleepily demanding "those anti sore head things".

Duck confit and chips for dinner, with supplemental pasta as it turned out there were only about 10 chips left (seriously, who leaves 10 chips in the freezer bag?)  We are getting serious now about running down the freezer, so re-supplying is discouraged.

Gloriously sunny day, so we managed our traditional half hour outside at sunset with a glass of something pleasant and some low-key chat about nothing.  With all the big things to talk about lurking just at the edge of your field of view, it was nice to push them further back and just chat.

Then Jerry Maguire, and some more Billions for the grown ups.

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