Standing Proudly There ...

Eric and I went to see my favourite Aunty this morning to take her Christmas present as I didnt want her to catch the flu last week.

She is such a wonderful lady, I love her to bits, my sister and I used to stay with her when we were little for a week of the six weeks school summer holidays, she lives in a farmhouse on common land with sheep on it, we also used to go to her home on Boxing Day for a tea party every year, which was so exciting and yummy.

I love all my memories from visting my Aunty Betty and my dear Uncle Curly, my Uncle died fourteen years ago though and I still miss seeing him sitting there in his chair smoking his roll ups which he had let us lick the papers of after he had rolled them, haha.

I am so pleased you liked your chocolates Aunty Betty

Love You Lots and Lots


I noticed this barn owl flying around a field so Eric pulled over so I could try to get a photograph but I couldnt get close enough to get a shot of him in flight, so I took one of this tree instead.

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