Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

839. 79/100 days of portraits....St. Paul's..

These guys were a bit bemused by me taking photos of them working (well wandering around a bit) on the dreadful eyesore in the centre of Perth that is St. Paul's.   It has been derelict  for years and is crumbling but the council were unable to pull it down because it's a listed building and the owners refused to do anything to it and had to be forced to make it safe enough for people to walk by without getting hit by falling masonry.  Now as Perth has a bid in for the city of culture in 2021 the council in their infinite wisdom have decided that enough is enough and bought the derelict building with a view to turning it into an open space by keeping the walls and the tower I think but removing the roof...anything will be better than this mess in the town centre.

I had to return my hearing aids again today after the issue that I thought was resolved last week has in fact come back so they have given me a loan pair which is great because I don't like being without them.  We also had to return the Rollei Dash Cam that I bought my hubby for Christmas as it wasn't working properly either so the shop are sending it back to the manufacturer.  I really think that shops should replace the item then take up the issue with the manufacturer after the customer has been sorted because waiting for weeks for them to look at it and then quite possibly say there's nothing wrong with it (although the guy in the shop did replicate the issue) means that we may still not have a resolution some weeks's very frustrating.

I have started to put stuff in my suitcase for Canada which is quite exciting in itself and a fortnight today I will be spending time with another wonderful Blipper and her hubby and gorgeous pooches....I am beyond excited...I may not sleep for the next two weeks!

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