Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Over A Rainbow

Just as our airport transport collected us about 9.15am to take us to Cairns airport for out flight to Melbourne the heavens opened. Our driver was an expat from Cheltenham who explained he'd moved to Oz seven years ago when his one child was 7 and the other 1 month. His wife is a teacher and they love the relaxed way off life. Both his parents had died in the last two years and he'd had to fly back for a week each time. The downside of moving to the other side of the World.

Just afte rtaking off from cairns and flying through the clouds I spotted a rainbow which I managed to get a photo of. On looking at it on computer it's a 'double' (scientific name is Alexander's Band) and great to see it from above - something I've never seen a photo of before.

A mix up in transfers on arrival in Melbourne saw us get to our hotel in Melbourne City centre about 7pm and having to reclaim the cost which they've agreed to refund.

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