Take Your Pick!

This afternoon, we slithered and slid our way across snowy and icy Boston Common to Charles Street in Beacon Hill, where we had errands to run at two different hardware stores, (and lunch to be eaten in an effort to thaw out!)

This delightful treasure trove of vintage door knobs decorates the window of Period Furniture Hardware Company, which pretty much describes what you can expect to find once you enter their establishment!  It's a wonderfully old fashioned shop, complete with creaking wooden floor, and walls lined with bins filled with knobs, hinges, hasps, bails, levers, latches, locks, and knockers.  (See extra for illustrative purposes.)  We went there to find replacement bails for two antique drawer pulls that grace my "Letter Table" in Connecticut, and we weren't disappointed.  A few moments later, we emerged triumphant, clutching a brown paper bag with just what the doctor ordered.

The second hardware store to be visited was just your ordinary run-of-the-mill one, where we bought some light bulbs.  Not nearly so much fun.

The second extra shows an extraordinary ice sculpture made from melting snow dripping from the roof top, and forming on top of a shop sign.  Watch out below!!!

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