It has been a while

It has been yet another cold, grey and quite depressing day. It snowed most of it but not very heavily and none of it settled. It was also a long day and exhausting day as I worked several hours late to get everything done that was left from yesterday.

I couldn't go home yet after work because I had to stop at two supermarkets for some shopping. At the first one I can usually find Rosie's favourite vegetable but they had unfortunately run out when I got there so she'll have to make do with what little she has left of her present one until I can go back on Monday. Hopefully I can get there somewhat earlier then before they run out again. Thankfully my visit to the supermarket closer to the apartment for the rest of Rosie's greens (which the first supermarket doesn't stock) was more successful. Needless to say that I was very glad when I got home and eventually got to sit down.

I used to encounter Collared Doves quite frequently but in recent years I've barely seen any and I've begun to wonder where they've all gone. When I got off the bus and started my walk to the first supermarket though, I was very lucky to finally see one again today and it was so kind to stay where it was until I'd taken a photo.

Thank you very much for the kind comments and stars on yesterday's blip of Rosie.

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