Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Melbourne Arts

 Our hotel, Oak on Collins is right in the heart of Melbourne City centre and within walking distance of most things. We were left to our own devices today with the recommendation from friends Trefor and Pauline to walk to Swanston Street where the City Hall is situated and a lot of entertainment goes on. We easily found it and wandered on to Southbank along the river bank where an exhibition on climate change was taking place. I'm not in that camp but the freebie dishwashing fluid bottle and handewash was most welcome.

We booked in for the 12.30pm River Cruise past the docklands to Williamstown where we enjoyed an hour walking around its town before getting the packed 2.30pm boat back to Southbank. Williamstown is former poor area where dock workers lived in the 1800's that is now a desirable area. A bit like Cardiff docks. Funny how things go in circles.

At 4pm I got to the David Hockney art exhibition at The National Gallery which closed at 5pm. Not enough time but I did cram it all in and took 450 photo's so I can view it at my leisure. Mrs BB was happy to meet me outside. Just as I was leaving I saw the couple having their photo taken outside through the water fountain window. I've sharpened it and lightened the bottom. My piece of art from The National Gallery! As good as Hockney? - you be the judge! :)

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