... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Natural Bread Company: Conducting Business

More colourful, coiled, and captivated in large.

I don't usually do such (or so much) foody photography, but I loved the various yellow and golden hues of the saffron buns, apricot crème pâtissière danishes, pastries, and scones, and found this barista/buyer interaction rather pleasing. The Natural Bread Company's pastries, like their bread (see yesterday's blip) are rather excellent, but my favourites are their superb cinnamon buns. Choosing is challenging...
Another quiet day, and it started well with more friends at the NBC; I had both a lovingly-made flat white, and deliciously sweet and fruity Iron Goddess of Mercy (!) oolong. It was wonderfully chilled there...

My extra was the staff (and a reflected customer) enjoying a quiet moment between serving customers.
Today's NBC pastry and people pics are right from here.
Some of the range:
Pain aux raisins
Pain aux raisins & pain au chocolat
Piled high

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