... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Windsor Town Bridge: Colourful Cormorant

More enlivened an iris and iridescence (and blipper) in large.

I caught this just after it swallowed its catch (see extra/alternative)...
I was also v. tempted to blip pictures of its bright bronzen breeding plumage and Chihuly splash and white flashes on diving.

I've so missed photographing birds! I've been struggling with the cold this winter, which has kept me moving whenever I'm outside, but it was slightly milder today and there was warmth in the sunshine (!), so I trotted along to the river to photograph the swans, and spotted this sun-kissed cormorant fishing ("Dive, dive, dive!") beneath Windsor Town Bridge (between Eton and Windsor).
I had a splendid time: the sun kept me from freezing and thawed my winter weariness, and I enjoyed photographing the tourists (taking photographs, taking and laughing at selfies, basking on the bridge, and posing by the parapet) as well as the birds. I particularly liked this quiet moment with evidence of a noiser one.

My other shots can all be seen on Flickr (right from here).
Swanny highlights:
Preening or shading from the sun
Span and shadow
Itchy knee [sounds like "1, 2" in Japanese]
Swan to black-headed gull: "Move, you!"
Splashy washing
Energetic and excitable splashing
Flapping dry series [click to the right]
Glittering preener

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