By SecondSeason

Found it!

So this is not the type of image I'd intended to post today but as I was looking through our adventures of the day, this was the one that jumped out at me. Yes that's me and I hope it's ok to post since the hubster took it.

As I mentioned yesterday, I've had trouble 'resting' this holiday and somehow have struggled with relaxing enough to find my peace. If you look closely at the word tattooed on my neck, it is indeed the word 'peace' so you may guess that it's a word I highly covet and ironically strive for. Peace. To be at peace with myself and everyone in my world. To be a peaceful person to be around and to make my home a house of peace. There's too much in this world that can easily steal that peace from me/us and so to me it is precious.

We are heading home tomorrow. We've seen and experienced some amazing views but most are on my camera which I don't have access to download while here.

The wifi here is terrible and each night I've posted I've lost my post and had to rewrite and post again. I haven't been able to comment on your journals or respond to most of your comments but look forward to doing so again once home. :)

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