It's Thomas the Tank Engine weekend on the K&ESR

Firstly, thank you everyone who commented and left stars and hearts for my blip anniversary yesterday. I'll reply individually to you all but I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to you all for making yesterday yet another great day in blipworld.

Today marked my first turn on the K&ESR this year, working the crossing gates at Cranbrook Road for theThomas the Tank Engine weekend. This is not Thomas but my favourite engine, the GWR Pannier Tank masquerading as Duck, although according to the terms of the agreement with the brand owner we were not allowed to call the engine Duck merely to refer to it it as one of the "other engines". Why would that be.

Despite another dank and cold day the trains were full of excited children  waving at the cars waiting at the crossing. Many people got out or their cars or were photographing the train while they were waiting for the train and went away with a grin on their faces.

The coldness and dampness combined to produce some pretty impressive exhausts which eluded me as I was holding a flag at the same time as watching traffic and trying to take shots. This was the best I could do, but I've included a black and white shot in the extras.

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