Tuesday: California Casino

Well, we have survived Las Vegas and have returned to Vancouver in one piece. As K. said, Las Vegas has chewed us up and spat us out. It's not as if we did anything particularly wild, crazy or even a little 'Las Vegas' but there is something curiously exhausting about the city and the way it imposes on you.

We did have a good time, and I am very glad to have seen it (even if it had never been very high up on my list) but we have both said that we have no desire to return. It's fine - we now know what it's like.

We were back in just enough time to go to the vet's to see about Max. He has improved and was well enough to come home but he isn't 100%. He will need some careful watching. But it's better than a few days ago when the vet had said he wasn't doing as well as they would have liked. As it is, he had to be moved from boarding to hospital care. He's eaten a little so let's hope he continues to improve.

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