By Veronica

Who's boss?

Some goats and sheep we met on today's rather truncated walk (we reached a stream that would have required us to get our feet wet in order to continue). It was another glorious day; it would have been a crime not to go out in it. The goats etc. were in a crowded pen, but as we were returning we saw the shepherd on his horse in the distance, taking the herd out to pasture -- unfortunately too far away to get a decent photo.

After the walk, we drove to Almuñecar to see the Coen brothers' film Hail Caesar, dubbed into French. One of the many services to tourists in Almuñecar is regular showings of films in English, French, and German. Like La La Land, it's a homage to fifties Hollywood. I can't say it's the brothers' best effort, and there's no plot, but the one lengthy dance scene by a bunch of sailors in a bar is approximately eight million times better than any of the dancing in La La Land -- a lovely pastiche with marvellous dancing and choreography. George Clooney clearly enjoyed hamming it up as a a heartthrob film star, even though Alden Ehrenreich, who plays a simple but not stupid star of cowboy films, steals the show every time he appears (the spaghetti lassos!). It was diverting, anyway.

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