Bath Locks

Got up hideously early (5am) and caught the coach back to London at 6:40, after waking my poor Mum up with a cup of tea.  No one should have to be awake at that time of day!  The bus stopped in Bath for half an hour on the way, so I went for a little wander and discovered this bit of the Avon and Kennet canal - and took shelter from the rain that had just started up.

Got to London late morning, picked up some lunch and carried on to work for the afternoon.  I was sooo tired!  Made it through the day though, and left a little early to go home and have a belated Valentine's dinner with Tim.  We cooked a delicious (and huge) mushroom stroganoff, then had a really relaxed evening,  Lovely - and so lovely to be back home with him again :)

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