Semi Impressionist?

Is there such a thing?
Blip mate and I chose the paddock of long grass next to my house for our Blip hunt today. We saw a hawk circling but it was not close enough for a shot. There were lots of lovely grasses and sparking raindrops all over them, but I kept returning to this shot for my blip today.

It is sort of impressionist but with random grasses in focus in front. The yellow is the long grass, the green layer is an orchard well in the background and the blue is actually distant mountains. I have put a wide angle photo of the scene in the extras if you want to check it out.

Tomorrow, Blipmate and I are heading to Napier for a week to explore Hawkes Bay while staying with my daughter. We have planned a week of adventures - there is so much to see and do, a week is hardly long enough. Blipping and commenting will happen if I can.

Unfortunately the dressing doesnt come off  my eye until Wednesday. So I am going to look like either a pirate or a panda with the black eye. It will probably be developing a whole new range of colours as the bruising fades.

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