... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Natural Bread Company: Microfoaming Milk

Smoother a start to a Saturday in large.

... and so another Saturday started well at the Natural Bread Company!

I recently blipped their bread(gehogs) and pastries, and was temped to post patisserie today (inc. cute and colourful gingerbread ladies and gentlemen, cheesecake, tartlets and traybakes, or range more generally), but decided that today should be about the coffee given that I so thoroughly enjoyed both splendid single estate beans on offer (a flat white based on the Nicaraguan, and an espresso expressed from the Kenyan that they were dialling in when I arrived first thing), as well as photographing the coffee-making process itself from start (adjusting the grind) to finish (cleaning the steam wand).
I photographed the barista doing her thing, as well as the other member of staff (waiting for customers and lovingly picking a loaf for their breakfast service).
I thought that the faceted and reflective espresso machine and neatly stacked coffeeware of various colours, shapes, and sizes looked pretty photogenic too.
OH, and the second visitor was a sassy Spaniel.

I took photos until my partner and pal arrived, which can all be seen on Flickr (right from here).

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