But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave


Yesterday evening, as usual on a Tuesday, I went out to the garage to get the trike ready for today’s cycle run. I needed to replace a set of brake blocks, a task that could have waited until the week-end but, since I had everything I needed including the time, I set to. Having removed the worn out parts, I went for the replacements. I spent some time looking for them but they were nowhere to be found. I gave up, it would have been a short run anyway as I had (another) AGM in the evening.
The whole business of forgetting where I put things is worrying, I seem to spend half my life looking for things; the only consolation is that many of my contemporaries suffer from a similar problem. Having purchased a new set of replacement parts I decided to use them for today’s Blip, along with the two sets of house keys and the spare key that is kept in a secret place, each of which had been mislaid during the course of the day and taken a significant amount of time to recover. It should be noted that there is also a spare set of keys that has been missing since Christmas – I am positive it is in the house somewhere, I could even tell you which room it is in.
On Monday evening there was a talk about Wojtek in the village by Aileen Orr, the author of the book about him. I knew it was on, had been looking forward to it for a long time, and would have been terribly upset to have missed it. I was fortunate that I needed to deliver a cinema poster to the library in the afternoon and happened to notice a leaflet about the talk while I was there. But for that chance, both Mrs TD and myself would have forgotten to go.

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