By Leiflife

Bryce Leif: My Little Boy's Little Boy

Bryce consented grudgingly to my request that he stand in the wonderful light by the window. You can see the barely contained energy that will soon have him soaring around the room again. Julia was playing the keyboard loudly, a strong incentive to yield very briefly to Nanny's picture taking. His sister did not yield this time.

I met my younger grandchildren's bus and we spent some treasured time together. I enjoyed the three happy dogs along with the children. Later the parents joined us and we all took a walk around the neighborhood. All during the walk, Bryce brought me flowers, one at a time, and I showed my pleasure, but finally I suggested that the bouquet might be getting too large and messy. His response was to bring me more and to inform me that it was "messy love". That put me in my place. All I could do was hug the dear little boy, and tuck another flower into my bouquet.

An extra of "messy Love".

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