By Leiflife

Summer and Winter - Summer and Leif

Again we are dancing, uniting the seasons into one mutual reality. Do winter and summer make spring? Can they be merged to become a season of hope. Winter present even as summer springs youthfully, warmly to embrace the weary, aged wisdom of winter.

This is what I see in those moments when I look compassionately on my aged face next to Summer's smooth, sweet freshness of being. I can for moments see the the beauty in aged and wrinkled skin, when I see with acceptance the fading out of my former self to make space for mystery. There is mystery, also in Summer's embrace of the path we take together. We are ageless together even as we realize that what is happening in our mutual dance could not happen without the willingness to welcome seeming opposites. Youth and age, Summer and Winter, Summer and Leif... Yes!

I enclose extras and remind you that all of the photographs were taken as we were dancing; sometimes I have the little RX-100, sometimes she has it. But we are always in motion so the odd angles are inevitable. The point is not to control the camera, but to include it in the dance. 

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