Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Tillier's Regiment of the Sealed Knot came visiting to mark the re-opening of Winchester's Westgate Museum.  These 17th century chaps marched about outside the Great Hall and down the High Street a bit.  And yes, I know, this is not the shot I meant to - or should have - put up.  There weren't any (undisguised) girls in the army during the English Civil War, but I suppose the fashion angle just got the better of me.  And I tell you, if they'd really worn hats with such a rakish curl to the brim I'd have taken the King's shilling like a shot (oops, wrong metaphor!)

There are 2 Extras of men with guns and pikes and baggy trousers - much more in the spirit of..  Unless, that is I change my mind and switch them over!

So that's me, folks.  Have a happy evening  xx

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