The Travellist's journal

By TheTravellist

Night bus to Siem Reap

I had a whole day of relaxing at Monkey Maya. Laying on a hammock, drinking cocktails and making new friends. I had time for dinner before getting on the back of a motorbike to take me to the bus stop (the shop/fortress in the photo) for a night bus to Siem Reap.

When booking the bus through the resort, I asked the name of the bus company because I'd read about Virak Buntham, a company with only awful reviews and reports of accidents and assaults. The staff assured me it wasn't that company but when the bus finally arrived, it was indeed Virak Buntham. The bus had left Sihanoukville about half an hour before, so everyone was already on board and in bed.

I was shown to my bed, which was smaller than a normal single bed, but I had to share it with a random Cambodian man. It was ridiculously cramped and I couldn't really move or get comfortable. Somehow I got to sleep in the end but it wasn't great.

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