Curiosity Dealer

Today we had a lie in although we had other plans.
We got to the Blochairn Car Boot sale after Midday, but it was still busy.
Apart from our usual egg supply at the egg dealer we also bought a mirror which we will take to Berlin next week.
It is one of those you put on top of a dresser that can be tilted. This will fit perfectly on the chest of drawers in Berlin :).
We had a quick stop at Costco before we headed home.
I was feeling tired and lazy and we spent the rest of the afternoon and the evening on the couch watching Vikings. Only getting up to prepare food and have dinner. 
It was a slow roasted pock belly with a lovely crackling! Just the right thing to finish off a lazy day.

The photo is taken at Blochairn car boot sale. It is amazing what things you can find there ... :)  

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