By ciorstain


The morning did start not too well. I had already people calling me before I was up or awake.
I pulled a coffee from my machine end forgot to put a cup below ....
Then I had a missed call from Christina and I was worried something happened to my father. Luckily she had only pressed the wrong button.
However, the morning was really stressful and I struggled to get everything done in time. Had too many long calls.
I left the house after 2:30 and went to the post office to post the Michael Gira book to Marcus.
Then I stopped at the French in the Markethalle had a Café au Lait and a couple of French pastries ..... and more coffee.
Back home I continued with work until I had to get out to be in Fridrichshain a Louis studio.
I do not know this area too well, but found my way easily.
Spent one and a half hour with Louis and decided how we go ahead with the shoes he is transforming for me.
I travelled back to the Kiez and felt hungry for a Döner.
I had to wait 15 minutes as the meat needed some more time. As it was cold I walked around the block again. Once I had my food I went home intending to go back to work.
In the end I did not work. I could not bear it and worked on my blip backlog instead.

Today's Blip is taken on my way home. It is the U-Bahn station "Hallesches Tor" where I had 10 minutes to wait for the next train.

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